Monday, 20 June 2016

Is RTI really effective?

Is RTI Act 2005 really effective?

The purpose of enactment of RTI Act 2005 was to promote transparency so as to take corrective steps for wrong doings in the system.

The hot topic today is related to Degree issue of our Hon'ble Prime Minister of India as there is a controversy on his declared qualification. This is irrespective of the fact as to whether he is qualified enough to take challenges as Prime Minister or not. The efforts being made by the activists are to find out as to whether what has been declared in his affidavit before the Election Commission is true or not.  

There has been controversy on the qualification declared by Hon'ble Education Minister Mrs. Smriti Irani also. When there has been controversy on crucial oaths of top politicians, it become imperative to look into the issue in a step forward mode and clear the air in the interest of the justice and signal to the public at large.
Referring to an article appeared in Navbharat Times dtd. 20/06/2016, it is rather surprised that Delhi University officials have preferred to deny and share the information on the truthfulness of the qualification declared by Hon'ble Prime Minister. Central Information Commission has already given its advise to Delhi University to share the information with the public and despite CIC views, the hiding of the information by Delhi University adds further to the suspicion in the minds of the public. It is expected that Delhi University will rise to the occasion and provide the requisite information so that the controversy ends with logical conclusion. A step forward would be to share the information on the public domains suo-motto by Delhi University to safe guard its own image.

By not disclosing the information under RTI Act 2005 will again leads to believe rather raise a doubt as to whether:

          RTI Act is really effective or is it a Myth rather than Reality? 

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