Wednesday, 19 November 2014

RTI Application to Department of Posts

 RTI Application to Department of Posts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dt. 03/09/2014
Central Public Information Officer
Department of Post,
New Delhi

Sub: Seeking information under RTI Act 2005 in respect of Speed Post Docket No. ED342229883IN

Dear Sir,

1.      Please arrange to supply me the following information under RTI Act 2005:-
a.      Photocopies of complete records pertaining to movement of Article in respect of Speed Post Article No. ED342229883IN dispatched from Indraprastha H.O. Post office addressed to Bombay Fashion.
b.      Please provide me the information of the name of the postman who was given the articles containing speed post article No. ED342229883IN for making a delivery to the consignee and photocopy of the list listing all the articles to be delivered on 27/08/2014 by the said postman.
c.       Please supply me the photocopies (true copy under RTI Act 2005) of the documents used by Postal Delivery man of Laxmi Nagar, S.O. for obtaining signature of the consignee at the time of delivery of the said article ED342229883IN on 27/08/2014.
d.      Please provide me the information as to how many articles were handed over to the above postman on 27/08/2014.
e.      Please provide me the information as to how many articles were delivered by the above postman on 27/08/2014

There have been responses from two CPIOs.

CPIO No. 1: 

No. RTI/NDCD/273/14-15                                         Dated at New Delhi-110001 the 29-09-2014

Sub: Regarding seeking information under RTI Act 2005
            With reference to you RTI application dated 03.09.2014 received in this office on 04.09.2014 through SPM, AGCR PO, New Delhi-110002 vide letter no. AGCR/RTI/S.K.Virmani/14-15 dated 03.09.2014 on the subject cited above. The requisite information is provided as below:-
Point No. (a):- As per the report of Sr. Postmaster, IPHO, Speed Post Article No. ED342229883IN was booked in IPHO on 25.08.2014 and further dispatched to NSH, New Delhi on the same day. The copy of tracking report is enclosed herewith for reference.
Point No. (b) to (e):- Relates to Sr. Supdt of Post Offices, New Delhi East Division, New Delhi-110051.
First Appeal lies to Sh. Adnan Ahmed, Director of Postal Services (O), O/o the CPMG, Delhi Circle, New Delhi-110001 within 30 days from the date of receipt of this letter.
It has also been advised that in case of appeal the applicant should also provides the 1st appellant authority a self attested copy of his/her initial RTI application as well as self attested copy of the order/document against which the appeal is being preferred.

CPIO No. 2:

No:- CR-3/RTI-269/2014 at Delhi-110051                                                            Dated 14-10-2014

Sub:- Submission of information under RTI Act 2005

            The required information is as under:-
            As Per reply of Sr Postmaster Krishna Nagar HPO Delhi-110051 vide letter No. KNHO/RTI-38/2014 dated 10.10.2014. The Speed Post article No. ED342229883IN was received on 26.08.2014 as missent and dispatch to AMPC New Delhi-110037 on 28.08.2014.
            The first Appellate Authority is Shri Adnan Ahmed, Director Postal Services, (O) O/O CPMG, Delhi Circle, Meghdoot Bhawan New Delhi-110001 and appeal can be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of this letter with self attested copy of RTI application and reply of CPIO.

(I would seek comments of the readers as to whether the response is in accordance with the application seeking information) 

Next Post will be details of First Appeal, The order of First Appellate Authority and subsequent CPIO response.

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